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Kinematic Reshade Reborn 1.12

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Kinematic Reshade Reborn 1.12







Kinematic Reshade Reborn 1.12

Kinematic Reshade offers some changes in the visual section of the game so that you can enjoy
a more realistic and pleasant experience in your travels.
It reduces the fogging and blurring effect of the game, increases the contrast between light and
shadow and balances the colour for a more natural feel. In addition, the subtle use of chromatic
aberration takes the level of detail to another level, both day and night.

Details and more information in http://centostudios.com
Installation instructions in https://www.centostudios.com/instrucciones


This new update works on a newly compiled version of shaders, which are not yet included in the
ReShade repository. In order for the preset to work properly, you need to copy the shaders folder
included in the download, and copy it to the internal directory of Euro Truck Simulator 2,
bin\win_x64\reshaders, so that you can overwrite the files when your operating system asks for them.

If you have never used Kinematic, before doing the previous step it is necessary to follow the
Installation instructions.


High Dynamic Range: Yes
Deph of Field: Yes
Sunshafts: Yes
Color correction: Yes


It is very important not to change the order of the shaders from the tool menu, as some effects
could overlap others and ruin the experience. The order, from top to bottom, should be as follows:
AmbientLight, ADOF, LumaSharpen y Lightroom. Additionally, checking the performance mode box is
also highly recommended.

It is highly recommended that you open the config.cfg file in the folder that the game has
created under Documents, find the entry uset g_bloom 1.0 and change it to uset g_bloom 0.
This will remove the glow effect produced by the lights if you dont use any mods that do.

Remember to turn off the night light in Windows 10 , if you use this feature, if you play at
night to avoid a change in the color tone.

Kinematic Reshade Reborn might not offer the same experience when used with projects like JBX
Graphics or Naturalux for modifying colors and intensity.

Do not use oversaturated or overdefined monitor profiles, use a standard mode, which is generally
the default mode on most monitors.

CREDITS: Cento Studios


GAME: Euro Truck Simulator 2
DATE: 2020-10-25 00:00:00

Downloads: 61



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