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Bus Simulator V

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Bus Simulator V




Bus Simulator V

This mod brings Bus Simulator into Grand Theft Auto V Single Player where you can driving around Los Santos with Bus, Airport Bus and Dashound.

Special features for this mod includes:
Create your own bus route with the route creator.
Automatically Doors where it open/close automatically when there are passenger getting on/off the vehicle.
Automatically indicators where it automatically blinks when it needed.
Brakelights when vehicle is stopped.
Interior lights turns on automatically when headlights turns on.
Automatic Bus Station Announcement System where it announce the current station and next station on every station.
LED Destination Sign for each bus route.
All seats in the vehicle are used, 15 passengers + driver.
Passengers leave bus through rear doors.
Livery support.

Latest ScriptHookV
Latest Community Script Hook V .NET
Visual C++ Redistributable Packages x64
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2
Muted Speech and Pain (Optional)

Extract, Drag and Drop 'mods' and 'scripts' folder into your Grand Theft Auto V Directory.
Insert dlcpacks:/bussim/ ".\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\dlclist.xml" using OpenIV.

Bus Simulator V Settings:
Open config.ini located in 'Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\BusSimulatorV' using your Text Editor.

SPEEDOMETER - Speedometer show in game, Accept 'MPH' and 'KPH' only.
DEBUBMODE - Shows Extra Bus Info and World Coordinates in game, Accept 'True' and 'False' only.
AUTODOORS - Automatically open/close bus doors on stations, Accept 'True' and 'False' only.
AUTOBLINKERS - Automatically blinks while driving the bus on intersection, Accept 'True' and 'False' only.
BRAKELIGHTS - Turns on automatically when needed, Accept 'True' and 'False' only.
TTS - Text to speech, use for bus station announcement, Accept 'True' and 'False' only.
TTSVOICE - Text to speech Voice Selection, Accept '0' to how many of voice your computer has.

MODIFIER - The Modifier Joystick key for the rest of the keys.
FRONTLEFTDOOR - The Joystick key to open Front Left Door.
FRONTRIGHTDOOR - The Joystick key to open Front Right Door.
REARLEFTDOOR - The Joystick key to open Back Left Door.
REARRIGHTDOOR - The Joystick key to open Back Right Door.
Control Reference from here: https://bit.ly/2Tn2yJk

FRONTLEFTDOOR - The Keyboard key to open Front Left Door.
FRONTRIGHTDOOR - The Keyboard key to open Front Right Door.
REARLEFTDOOR - The Keyboard key to open Back Left Door.
REARRIGHTDOOR - The Keyboard key to open Back Right Door.
Control Reference from here: https://bit.ly/2KfhHZ8

Route Creator Settings:
Open creatorconfig.ini located in 'Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\BusSimulatorV' using your Text Editor.

Under CONTROL MODIFIER - The Modifier key for the Toggle.
KEY - The key for the Toggle
Control Reference from here: https://bit.ly/2KfhHZ8

SHOWINFO - Shows Extra Bus Info and World Coordinates in game, Accept 'True' and 'False' only.

Bus Simulator V Changelog:
- Added Livery Selection to Main Menu
- Passenger Leave bus at rear door

- Fixed passenger glitched out of the bus due to bad coding
- Added random ped spawn at each station
- Lowered the chance passenger leaving bus if bus half full
- Higher the chance Passenger leaving bus if bus is above half
- Passenger Leave bus at rear door (BETA)
- Major bugs fixed and improvements

1.1 - Turnpike fix removed due to Terminal Island station use different road
- Fixed Next Station Name overlap with Label
- Speedometer and Stations Timer bar replaced to Progress Bar
- Bus Interior Lights now works on AI buses too
- Passenger who jack your vehicle will bailout
- Auto doors opens after your bus stopped
- Passenger will walk towards bus unless they were far
- Passenger will wait for people to leave bus first before they enter
- Added Stop Request light indicator
- Stop Request bell sound replaced
- Minor bugs fixes

- Interior lights now on when headlights on

BETA 1.6
- Fixed Earned not reset after Mission Failed
- Fixed hooker being added to passenger
- Fixed Stop Request Bell sound not playing
- Added Turnpike fix on Terminal Island
- Changed route menu to read route name instead of file name
- Fixed Door stay open when bus is leaving without passenger enter

BETA 1.5
- Fixed script crash when bus abandoned.
- Added Multi language support
- Minor bugs fixes

BETA 1.4
- Fixed Script Crash on final station
- Fixed Indicators bug
- Fixed only human can enter bus
- Fixed Player glitch through doors when enter/leaving bus with AUTODOORS turned on
- Fixed Passenger not leaving bus on final station
- Fixed Brakelights bug
- Added Camera Transition
- Added Difficulty Level game modes
- Added Interior Lights switch on automatically at night

BETA 1.3
- Added back Manual doors control
- Added Voice selection for TTS
- Minor bugs fixes

BETA 1.2
- Added automatically doors
- Added automatically indicators
- Added brakelights
- Removed Door Controls
- Added Station TTS (Text to Speech)
- Added Stop Request Bell sound
- Increased pedestrian search radius
- Bugs fixes and improvements

BETA 1.1
- Pedestrian enter bus will not lag anymore
- Improved Mission Passed and Mission Failed effects
- Added Debug Mode for Testing purposes
- Added Route Creator

Route Creator Changelog:
BETA 1.1
- Fixed Z Coordinates being too high when Capturing Coordinates
- Fixed Bus Stations not saving issues
- Minor bugs fixes and improvements

Vehicles Changelog:
Changes in 1.1.2
- Added Liveries: SBS Transit(SG), SMRT(SG), KMB(HK), LWB(HK), RapidKL(MY), Intrakota(MY), Shanghai Developement(CN), Megabus(US), Bolt Bus(US) and Greyhound(US)
- Added Extra_2 for Passenger Exit teleport offset

Changes in 1.1
- Added Liveries: Metro Local, Metro Rapid, Metro Express and Metro Silver
- Bus Route Number and Destination LED Display changed from Extras to Liveries
- Added Extra_1 for Stop request light

Because the Bus, Airport Bus and Dashound only have 5 passenger animation file in the game, so they will be warp to the rest of the seat.
Don't stop too close to the sidewalk, or the pedestrian will get stuck getting in and out the bus.
If the pedestrian is too far from the bus, and not getting in the bus on time, it will teleport directly into the bus.
If the pedestrian is too far and stuck, just leave that pedestrian.
Press Shift + Del to open the Creator Menu.
The yellow routes on the minimap will sometimes disappear, you can just place a waypoint on the next station blip.

CREDITS: Scripted by I'm Not MentaL | Model Modified by Yoha | Map Edited by I'm Not MentaL & Yoha | LST Map Created by reddit user m101m102m103 | Spanish Translated by Old Dad Gixer | Korean Translated by Mellanitomo Gen:?.?.?.? | German Translated by PNDA | Japanese Translated by ???0w0 | ScriptHookV by Alexander Blade | Community ScriptHookVDotNet by crosire | OpenIV by GooD-NTS | NativeUI by Guadmaz | Muted Speech and Pain by R3QQ | Map Editor by Guadmaz | Map Editor to Ymap Converter by sollaholla


GAME: Grand Theft Auto V
DATE: 2019-08-19 00:00:00

Downloads: 1311
SIZE: 73.6 MB



Live Report of Bus Simulator V...

Uploaded 4 years ago     Downloads: 1311    Likes: 318    Comments: 4


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