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Bus Missions Mod [.NET] 0.2.1 BETA





Bus Missions Mod [.NET] 0.2.1 BETA

IMPORTANT! This is a beta version! I've released it to see if you, gamers, are interested in such mini-game. There is a lot of features I wanted to add, but I've decided to release a beta before. Please report any bugs or problems you face. Thanks.

changelog 0.2.1
-Added a 0.3 version for test purposes only, if you had the auto-cancel problem please try this and let me know. If you want to use the 0.3 replace all file because I've made some modification to the xml file also. 0.3 no longer needed since the problem was related to game version and scripthookVdotnet -Added the source code, if any developer is interested in making the mod better. If you don't want to d/l the file I've uploaded the code on github also: https://github.com/charbelharb/GTAV_BUS_MOD

changelog 0.2
- Removed Passengers Order from menu and replace the order by simply a horn. (You may need to horn two or three times)
- Added a custom banner. You can replace it with anything you want as long as it is the same filename "bus_mod.png"
- Code optimization(some minor changes)

I've included both 0.1 and 0.2, if something went crazy with the 0.2 re-use the 0.1 until I can make it better and release the alpha version later.
This mod will let you play as a bus drivers in GTAV.
Currently there is only 10 missions, all you have to do is pick-up different group of people to different location in San Andreas.

ScripthookV-net 2.4

Place all the content of the archive in your /scripts/ folder.

1-To launch the menu press F3(default, key can be configured in bus_mod.ini)
2- Choose a mission from the list and click start.
3- When you arrive at the passengers location, Horn your vehicle (You may need to horn two or three times) PS: You should be stopped and near them
4- When you arrive at your destination, e Horn your vehicle (You may need to horn two or three times). They will get out.
PS: You should be stopped.

You can click F3-Cancel at any time to cancel the on-going mission.
If the bus got destroyed or any passenger die during the mission, it will auto-cancel.

1- Routes won't show on mini-map (Place a marker manually)
2- If you click "ESC" while the mission is loading the script will crash.

1- Because some buses capacity is 15 peds, they won't enter the vehicle normally (some AI problems) So I made them teleport.
2- While exiting the vehicle, some of the peds will exit normally, the other teleport.
3- Missions data are written to an xml file, so anyone with xml knowledge can add his own mission. If you don't know what you are doing DON'T mess with the file

CREDITS: scorz


GAME: Grand Theft Auto V
DATE: 2017-09-11 00:00:00

Downloads: 512
SIZE: 293 KB



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