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New in v1.1:
Reduced trailers numbers, limit displacement to solve colision bug (a bit unrealistic on tiny curves)
Reduced overall spawn frecquency rates on day (tractors rush hours at night)
Reduced spawn frecquency of harvesters.

With this mod, you can have in traffic as slow moving vehicles:
SCS tractor with traler(s)
Tractors by AlexP with trailer(s)
and , finaly, articulated hays and logs trailers are back !!!!!

All those are active on local roads and country roads !!!
This mod is compatible with all traffic mods, due the use of new SCS overrides system

Overrides is a SCS unoficial feature to break traffic mods incompatibility introduced by 1.30 version It should allow easier modding of the game definitions in multi-mod environment. By data override you can override only certain attributes in certain defs without the need for overwriting the whole file.
There are 3 override types:
replace: replacing attributes (replaces all attributes)
add: adding attributes (adds given values for given attribute)
remove: removing attributes (removes given values for given attributes)
The overrides file named overrides.NAME.sii file sould be placed in def folder, and the NAME could be your mod unique name.
DO NOT use averrides.sii, will break compatibilities!
Example of overrides:

# For modders: Please do not modify this file if you want to add a new entry. Create in
# this directory a new file ..sii where is name of
# base file without the extension (e.g. city for /def/city.sii) and is
# some string which is unlikely to conflict with other mod.
# Warning: Even if the units are specified in more than one source file, they share the
# same namespace so suffixes or prefixes should be used to avoid conflicts.
# NOTE: Overrides are applied in the order they are defined!

CREDITS: Todor Alin


GAME: Euro Truck Simulator 2
DATE: 2018-06-02 00:00:00

Downloads: 672
SIZE: 93.4 MB




Uploaded 5 years ago     Downloads: 672    Likes: 215    Comments: 48


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Source Google Translate.



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