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Drivable AI Vehicles v1.0 [1.39]

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Drivable AI Vehicles v1.0 [1.39]






Drivable AI Vehicles v1.0 [1.39]

Adds 160 different drivable AI vehicles to the game with customizable colours, wheels, and engines.
The vehicles are accessible through any EU dealership, or via the Mod dealer.
Different AI vehicles are accessible by customizing the red Mustang, and selecting different vehicles
in the chassis options.

Please Note:
A few AI cars are missing from the mod due to issues regarding the vehicle hitboxes, they will be
fixed and added in a future version
If you see the steering wheel/column appearing inside the glass or outside of the vehicle, it is a
bug that is only visible in the upgrade shop and does not effect driving
If you experience issues with a vehicle being stuck on the ground, try and put on bigger wheels. You
can also comment saying what vehicle it was, plus what wheels the vehicle had so I can look into the
The mod currently uses the Skoda Superb by TruckersMP as a base
Most mods developed for the Skoda Superb will not be compatible.

CREDITS: Bosuball


GAME: Euro Truck Simulator 2
DATE: 2021-03-19 00:00:00

Downloads: 122
SIZE: 74.0 MB



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