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Map of Alsace (FSG) Scale 1:1 v1.3 [1.39.x]







Map of Alsace (FSG) Scale 1:1 v1.3 [1.39.x]

FSG Map The map is an Alsace region in France.The map is built in real scale 1: 1 and is
very detailed. The map is standalone and for work you must create a new profile and select
the module FSG. Mbd. Alsace Province is a once-existing region located in the northeast
of France. Players of the ETS 2 simulator will have to conquer the endless roads of the
picturesque area of this picturesque region, reminiscent of the beauty of Grand Utopia.

FSG Map mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2 takes us to the colorful world of natural beauties of
Western Europe. The authors implemented 11 settlements united by a road network with a length
of more than 20 kilometers on a 1:1 scale. Original gas stations, workshops, car dealerships
and transport companies are prepared for the virtual trucker. The new map is replete with
colorful vegetation, peculiar architectural structures, sculptures, road signs and signs,
street lighting poles and many other objects typical for this district.

Features mod FSG Map Real Scale 1:1:
The map add new features in regions France, Switzerland and Germany
The map was built in real scale 1:1 and detailed
The card is standalone and for work you must create a profile and select the module FSG.
the map have nice landscapes, new roads, cities
new prefabs made from scratch
Required DLCs: DLC Going East, Scandinavia DLC, DLC France, DLC Italia, Baltics DLC, Black

Changelog v1.3:

Update for 1.39
Fixed bugs

Link 1 Map:


Link 2 Addons:


CREDITS: Farmers [TV]


GAME: Euro Truck Simulator 2
DATE: 2020-12-25 00:00:00

Downloads: 70
SIZE: 725.8 MB



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